Our Community

At Carroll’s we want to ensure that our impact on our community is a positive one. We believe in carefully producing delicious food, but we also believe that it should be produced it in a way which benefits our locality.

We care about the little things that can a make a big difference to the wider community.

Offaly GAA Sponsorship

Offaly GAA SponsorshipAt Carroll’s we are fully committed to giving back to the community, as our continued support of Gaelic games reaches the quarter of a century milestone in 2015. Since the beginning of county shirt sponsorship in the GAA in 1991, Carroll’s has been the only name emblazoned across the Offaly football and hurling team strips. Our 26 years of sponsoring GAA is testament to our ongoing support of our local community.

Origin Green

Origin GreenCarroll’s have built a strong reputation for fine food and quality over the years. In order to monitor, promote and progress sustainability within the company we continue to work closely with Bord Bia as a team to established and develop energy, water and waste sustainability plans as part of our Origin Green plan.

Bia Food Initiative

Bia Food InitiativeAs a food manufacturing plant we deal with huge volumes of product on a day to day basis. It is always so important to keep in mind, that sometimes we as a business consider a ‘by product’ of our manufacturing process might be equivalent of a nutritious meal for a hungry family or those less fortunate.

In keeping with this thought process and working closely Bia Food Initiaitve we set a plan in place that allowed use our ham product ends in a way which benefited communities around Ireland. We adopted as best practice a small change in process where we vacuum pack the hams allowing for product longevity and less waste by both charities and the ultimately to the environment.

Over the Christmas period 2015 Carroll’s stepped up to the plate donating just over 1.5 tonnes of ham ends. This product was re-distributed to over 40 charities across Ireland who work closely in providing it to over 5,000 disadvantaged people they work with.

At Carroll’s we take huge pride in taking this initiative to help those who are less fortunate than others and we believe this reflects one of the many positive ways in which companies who make small changes can make a huge difference to the wider community. www.biafi.ie
Carrolls on target to feed 20,000 people in need this year!
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