Our Craft

At Carroll’s, we care so much about our craft what we make time for the important things,
like slow cooking our hams to perfection.

Our ethos at Carroll’s is that we care so much about our customers, we go that extra mile to ensure premium quality and taste.

We proudly stand over all our products leaving our premises that we put our Care of Carroll’s seal of approval on it.


Our ProductOur cooked meats are proudly made in Tullamore. We take our time to source the finest raw ingredients, hand preparing and slow cooking to ensure the fullest flavour is locked in for our customers to enjoy.

We carefully select the finest pork cuts which are then prepared and slowly turned and massaged. The infused pork joints then rest for two days to allow the infused ingredients time to work their magic. Our hams then go into the unique Carroll’s slow cooking process where the temperature is raised slowly, ensuring the hams are cooked delicately.

This slow cooking is followed by a period of rest as the juices are allowed to infuse. The Carroll’s process is longer than other major manufacturers and by design is more artisan in nature ensuring the maximum flavour and quality. Giving you Great Ham. Care of Carroll’s.


Care Of Carroll'sCarroll’s is accredited to the highest levels of European food safety having been awarded the prestigious BRC certificate of Conformity in 2005. We have proudly maintained, and developed our Quality management system, which is audited annually and currently hold an A grade status.

Our food safety system is based on classical HACCP principles and is routinely audited by our customers, by our internal auditing team and our regulator, Irish Department of Agriculture.

We care so much about our products quality, that we proudly put our ‘Care of Carroll’s seal of approval on it.